Rules for actual CPR training session

  • The person leading each training session must be a qualified person.
  • Each participant must have the opportunity to practice the skills on a mannequin during the lesson. Mannequins can be shared by groups of up to 10 people.
  • The standard of 30 cardiac compressions to 2 lung inflations is to be adhered to throughout the event.
  • The CPR taught at the lesson must be in line with current guidelines.
  • All participants should be taught the same topics simultaneously, thus all participants should be able to either see instructors or follow their movements on a video screen.
  • The lesson must last a minimum of 60 minutes. A loud start and finish signal recognized by all participants must be used. Two experienced timekeepers (e.g. from a local athletics club) must time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds.

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