Hands-Only CPR performed by a bystander has been shown to be as effective as in the first few minutes of an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. Any attempt at CPR is better than no attempt.

Hands-Only CPR offers an easy to remember and effective option to those bystanders who have been previously trained in CPR but are afraid to help because they are not confident that they can remember and perform the steps of conventional CPR. The chances of being involved in this type of emergency are very slim, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for a CPR emergency.

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, 4 out f 10 SCA victims survive if bystanders intervene and provide CPR while waiting for EMS to arrive. The window of time to save a victim of SCA is very small. Hands-on training is the best way to keep your CPR skills sharp for just such an emergency.

It is with this mission IMA Cochin has joined hands with ANGELS International Foundation to train secondary and higher secondary school students and to equip the youth to face this challenge.